Nielsen Estimates that there are approximately 120 million TV households in the US, with the P2+ (People aged 2+) audience estimated at 304.5 million. The number of US households estimated as being able to receive traditional broadcasts is 96.5%. 15.4m Americans use DTT services. Satellite and Cable are by no-means dead, and 74% of US households still subscribe to cable and satellite platforms, and presence of a channel on major network still carries a certain kudos or measure of quality of service. If a TV service provider is trying to achieve high-volume household penetration, then a cross-platform strategy including Satellite, Cable, IPTV and OTT platforms remains key.

Network Coverage Estimates:

  • Comcast 22.26m
  • DirecTV estimated at 14.8m
  • Time Warner 10.83m*
  • Verizon 5.3m*
  • DishTV 10.83m

*Last known number, though migration to streaming services has hit all North American service providers hard.

11% or 14.1 million TV households stream content on free-to-air OTT services. The main OTT TV service providers are Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon which together account for 80% of streamed viewing.


In 2017 the market for streamed services was worth $872 million, reflecting a rise of 29%, while taking a 2% bite out of Cable and Satellite service revenues, currently valued at $8,74 billion. More than 4 million Canadian households or 28% of the Market now have no subscription to cable services, a Year-on-year rise of 26%. Streaming services are expected to take over the Canadian market by 2020.