Are a UK manufacturer of Broadcast monitoring equipment.


I filmed in Hnoi Airport, City and at manufacturing facilities for BAT in 1997.

Harmonised Commodity

Description and Coding System  Is the system used to classify and provide a uniform code for all commodities and products that are traded, imported and exported around the world for participating members. The system is operated and maintained by the World Customs Organisation. I have used this system to classify both imports and exports for VFG and LEQ since 1992. Accurate use of the system can provide customs and freight agents with valuable information reducing clearance times and duties where a default description may have applied in the absence of the correct code.


An manufacturer of filters for cinematography.


High Definition Television


Is a range of 4K/HD Cameras from Sony. The AVTN.TV studios for the project are budgeted to include these cameras.

Head of Film

When film was used prolifically for Newsreel and TV programming each regional broadcasting area had a ‘Head of Film.’ The Heads of Film gathered once a year for a Dinner and Dance with their wives. The dinner was also open to important patrons of the industry.

Health & Safety

Regulations and Procedures to prevent accident or injury in the workplace or public spaces and environments. I have experience of budgeting for Health and Safety in business and for productions; as well as correspondence and meetings on industry critical matters with the HSE. I am familiar with the premises of Duty; Breach; Causation; Damage; The actions of a ‘Reasonable Person’; The Three-Stage Test, Failure to Warn; Failure to take adequate precautions; and case law such as Bolam vs. Friern Hospital Management Committee; and Bolton v. Stone; among others.

Health Care

The provision of a basic level or additional health care benefits as a contractual part of employing the workforce. I am proud that the AVTN.TV project is budgeted to provide a high level of health care to all employees worldwide.


A motor system for controlling Focus, Iris and Zoom. I have considerable experience in the design and manufacture of bracketry for these motors.

Helicopter Mount

Either an internal or externally mounted apparatus for aerial filming. Cameras have been mounted by mechanical, rubber isolation, and gyro stabilised methods in the past. The current standard for helicopter mounts is multi axis gyro stabilised. Carbon fibre and Kevlar, and aerospace rated alloys are used for strength and weight reduction. Manufactures include: Wescam, FLIR, Tyler, Trakka.

Hire (Equipment)

For a great many Broadcasting Corporations, Film Studios and Production Companies it is simply not possible or economic to own any or all the cameras required for productions. Though this has not always been the case, it is true to a greater extent today; the degree to which this is or has been the case has varied historically. The driving factors for non-ownership of Production Equipment is the high cost; depreciation that operating such assets incurs; and pace of development and changing standards for equipment.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

I filmed in Ho Chi Minh Airport, City and at manufacturing facilities for BAT and their 555 Brand in 1997.

Hong Kong

I have supplied numerous productions working in Hong Kong; sold to companies based there and filmed there for a Production.


Is a remote camera system owned and manufactured by Egripment, and originally developed in the UK by Kaleidoscope Cameras.

Household Reach

The number of Households that a Broadcaster reaches through the various mediums available to distribute programming content; such as Direct-to-Home Satellite (DTH), Cable, IPTV and OTT. In the process of developing AVTN | NewsNet247 I have been responsible for strategy to reach up to 540m households based on information and reach date supplied by Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, Telenor and other satellite providers; and have overseen the combining of data sets in database form.

Human Resources

The management of personnel within an organisation. I gained my experience of HR within VFG PLC, and LEQ Ltd, and on Productions managing both employed and self-employed personnel. The AVTN.TV project has required detailed planning for personnel including: conditions of employment; role definition; salary, tax, social security/NIC, pension and healthcare in the UK, US, Singapore and EU member states.

Hybrid Dolly

A camera dolly manufactured and leased by Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment Inc. I am a certified in the maintenance of this equipment.


Experienced in the application, use and servicing of Hydraulic systems used within the Broadcast and Film Industries.