My approach to Production, Broadcast, Media, Content Creation and Delivery is highly commercial, market aware, and budget driven.

I am Co-Founder and CEO of the AVTN.TV News Network Project with Kinny Cheng Co-Founder and CTO, and have also worked at the highest levels of management in the Equipment and Facilities Supply Chain; where I am probably most associated with the supply of Equipment and Production Services, and the manufacture and sale of Broadcast & Film equipment; while the need to support specialist production equipment in the field has resulted in work on over 300 productions in technical, creative and production roles; plus my family connections with:

  • LEQ Ltd (formerly The Lightweight Equipment Co.): 1995 – Present
  • VFG PLC (formerly Video Film & Grip Co Ltd): 1991 – 2001
  • Cinefocus Ltd: 1974 – 1991

I have supplied and worked on a wide array of Productions types including: Feature Films; TV Dramas; News, Factual and Documentary; Entertainment; Pop Videos and Concerts; Commercials and Corporate Television.

Production Experience

Selected Past Corporate Clients