AVTN (Aviation Television News)

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The AVTN Project was developed principally to make the case for and meet the need for a fully integrated Broadcast and Digital Media solution for the Aviation Industry and all its stakeholders. At present news, information and data services are divided in the delivery of services for Manufacturing, B2B, Professionals, Consumers, Passengers, and Enthusiasts.

The project is a fully developed professional solution with a £198 million budget comparable to other global flagship news channels. AVTN aims to deliver world class services to the growing audience potential of over 3.8 billion stakeholders.



NewsNet24⁷ logo

NewsNet24⁷ was added to the project during the process of tiering the proposal into three investment levels defining broadcast reach and capabilities for the project. NewsNet24⁷ is presented as a general Business and Consumer News Channel for the Global Citizen, though will specialise in sectors with exceptional demographics for the both Industry and Consumer Stakeholders.

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