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I am A passionate, commercially driven and innovative leader with over 27 years’ experience of Broadcast, Film, Streamed and Viral Productions; delivering roles in Production, Equipment Facilities, Sales and Manufacturing, working with Leading Production Studios, Producers and Broadcasting Corporations. A strong reputation has been established in Business with, a consistent track record of problem solving, the confidence to deliver projects with demanding budgets and schedules, and ability to create original and compelling International content propositions. I am also a social media influencer with >4500+ Twitter followers and >1300+ LinkedIn connections.

Core Competencies

General Management ◆ Business Development ◆ Project Management ◆ Supply Chain Management ◆ Startup ◆ Financial Management ◆ P&L/Budgets ◆ Projections & Forecasting ◆ Asset Management ◆ Leasing ◆ IPO ◆ Marketing ◆ Market Research ◆ Strategy ◆ Negotiation ◆ Client Relations ◆ Team Leadership ◆ Networking ◆ Production ◆ TV Channels ◆ Content ◆ Programming ◆ Broadcasting ◆ Media ◆ OTT & Streaming ◆ Regulation ◆ Broadcast ◆ Film ◆ Equipment ◆ Rental ◆ Sales ◆ Manufacturing ◆ Logistics

More about me…

I am a second generation member of the Broadcast, Film and Media Industries. My experience and knowledge of Aviation has largely been the result of supplying Productions, Equipment and Services around the world, working with Airlines, Airports and Heritage projects. I am able to easily relate my own experience and knowledge of business across sectors.

The Broadcast and Film Industries have enabled me to benefit from a lifelong exposure to businesses and executives from a diverse range of industries, both socially and as a result of productions,  including: Advertising; Airlines & Aviation; Automotive; Banking; Brewing; Distilling & Beverages; Manufacturing; Motorsport; Oil & Energy; Media; Retail; Telecoms; Retail.


I am inspired in business by three men…

My Father, Tony Covell, who showed me the world, and taught me pretty much everything I know about Broadcast, Film, Media and Business.

The late Sir Freddie Laker, whose Skytrain service enabled my Father to discover the United States and begin trading with companies in Los Angeles and New York.

Sir Richard Branson, who continued the legacy of Sir Freddie with Virgin Atlantic, and then enabled me to discover the United States, do my own business there, and has generally been inspiring to me in business in many ways. I will however confess that unlike Sir Richard, I am rather partial to wearing suits and ties!

Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezoz are pretty interesting people too!

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AVTN (Aviation Television News)

The AVTN Project was developed principally to make the case for and meet the need for a fully integrated Broadcast and Digital Media solution for the Aviation Industry and all its stakeholders. At present news, information and data services are divided in the delivery of services for Manufacturing, B2B, Professionals, Passengers, and Enthusiasts.

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NewsNet24⁷ was added to the project during the process of tiering the proposal into three investment levels defining broadcast reach and capabilities for the project. NewsNet24⁷ will be a general news channel serving Business, Consumer and the Global Citizen.

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